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The young men and women aging out of our systems are set up for failure and it is up to us to change this ongoing epidemic. We want to create a family within our community as we rally around these new adults. Together, our priority is each young woman’s overall well-being mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. What makes our Daughters’ House different is our ability to create a setting of independent living where “Our Daughters” are able to mimic a lifestyle that will be easily replicated and maintained. As well as create lifelong bonds and people to call family.


Upon acceptance into our house, each young lady is given the gift of time; time to heal and make educated choices for her future. We will begin the process of forming a team to fit each girl’s specific needs. With the help of assigned licensed counselors, Program Coaches, and House Parents, ODH hopes to give the support necessary to make this next phase one of productivity and healing.


Another thing that sets us apart is our family-like atmosphere. At Our Daughters' House, these girls are not clients or residents - they are our heritage. We focus on the individual instead of the labels given: On character instead of the case file. On the name, instead of the number. With this type of support, we expect to see these young women build successful lives by completing school, maintaining jobs to become independent, productive adults in our society…. with a place to call home


Our hope is to increase awareness of this large issue throughout the Houston area and surrounding communities. We believe everyone can do something and would love to see transformation in our community as eyes are opened to this epidemic. Our goal is to see an increased awareness of the need to prepare these children as they age out of CPS and the negative statistics surrounding their outcome change.


Along with a State responsibility, we believe it’s the church body who is called to make a difference. We believe that the Bible is God’s spoken word and all answers can be found in it. Through that, God calls it our priority over and over to care for the “fatherless.” To maintain a sense of responsibility to care for those who can’t care for themselves. God is calling us as a community and believers to be the hands that hold His children. This is a calling we can not afford to pass up.


Our Daughters’ House has proven itself as a voice in the community by already achieving our first goal of creating awareness on a consistent basis. We are and will continue to see mindsets, and consequently systems, change about how we as individuals take responsibility over orphan care. And this is only the beginning!

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