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Program Coach:

Our Program Coaches are our eyes (and hearts) on the ground. We look to our Coaches to help create a healthy, loving environment. This person should engender a sense of optimism, compassion, and Godly confidence—and be committed to helping foster the culture of sisterhood that aligns with the heartbeat of our Mission, Vision, and Values. To apply, please email us at!

Board of Directors - Member:

Responsible for the strategic guidance of the organization and general oversight of the Executive Director and the organization’s leadership team. The BOD for ODH is a working board actively engaged in fundraising, sub-committee engagement, and, as requested by the Executive Director, supporting the goals of the organization’s mission through business counseling, communicating the needs of the organization to business organizations, and creating community connectivity to ODH. To apply, please email us at!



“We believe that God lights fires in those He calls to do “the hard stuff”. Our Daughters’ House seeks to have volunteers who have a passion for foster youth, America’s orphans, and have Christ’s heart towards all those in need  “ To apply for any of these positions, please email

  1. Hospitality Team: This is a group of nurturing women coming together to create a warm atmosphere by decorating seasonally, hosting showers, and helping celebrate monumental moments in each of Our Daughters’ lives. To inquire further, email

  2. Fun-draising Team: This is a group of advocates coming together to put the "fun" back into fundraising. They are a unified voice that shares the heartbeat of the house, helping others get involved in investing in the future of Our Daughters. For fun-raising ideas, click here! To inquire further, email

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