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On November 2nd 2019 Our Daughters’ House hosted its first annual Homestead Dinner & Fundraiser. We were blown away as 300 of you gathered in fellowship around a cause that is so near to you. You learned the needs of our youth aging out and decided to do something about it. Together, we raised $125,000 that night, surpassing our expectations. Because of what you did that evening we will be able to not only start, but finish the build-out of our home. AND we are so much closer to housing these young women and children. So another HUGE thank you to our board, volunteers, and giving family for all you do for this organization.

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Worship Event
Worship Under the Stars: A Christmas Event

Annual Homestead Dinner:
Come to the Table

In the summer of 2023, 250 of us joined together to share a meal and learn more about how we were braiding ourselves together for these cherished Daughters of ours. Many were given the heavy responsibility of dictating how many Daughters we would be able to house full time next year. For every $13,000 raised, we would be able to house one Daughter for an entire year. You didn't disappoint and never will! That week, we calculated we would be able to house 5.5 and then we left the “tab” open through the end of the year. For every one of our Giving Family that joined this commitment as an individual we kept calculating.


We are pleased to tell you that YOU have raised enough to house 9 aged out youth for 2023!!! That means that many individuals came together for the betterment of others and raised over $100,000 in less than 6 months.


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