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We are asking you, your friends, and neighbors to hold a garage sale in honor of Our Daughters’ House. Sell your stuff and donate the proceeds to housing kids aging out of foster care. All homes who choose to participate will receive a yard sign that tells your customers they are shopping for charity. We will also advertise your sale to our supporters (with your permission, of course) telling them to stop at your shop. ALSO, a member of our team will show up to take pictures, cheer you on, and bring you an ODH shirt


I mean, you were getting rid of your junk anyways right? So why not do it in the name of charity! Best part - all cash donations are tax deductable! Win- win!


To get involved or register your garage sale, email our team by clicking the link below!


We love your kids! Here at ODH, we love your kids and we also love supporting future philanthropists. Any time one of your children wants to fundraise on behalf of ODH - we got their back! Let us know the idea and details and we will advertise it on our media outlets. We will also let all of our supporters know in an email how they can cheer on and give towards the child's endeavors.


Lastly, way to go Mom and Dad! You are raising future world changers!


To get your family’s fundraiser advertised through ODH, email us at


We are so excited to hang our Hand-Painted Barn Quilt! Thank you!

Other fun ideas include:

Bake Sale

Yard Work


Jewelry Making


and more!

To find out more ways you can give, subscribe to our newsletter!

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